A Comprehensive Guide to Machine Learning Interpretability.

Important libraries for ML Interpretability


# explain tree regressor feature importance# show predictions
eli5.show_prediction(model, X_test.iloc[10], show_feature_values=True)
eli5.sklearn.explain_prediction.explain_prediction_tree_regressor(model, doc=X_train.values[randint(0, 100)], feature_names=X_train.columns.tolist()))
An example of the output of explain_prediction() method for a dataset.


pdp_goals = pdp.pdp_isolate(model=self.model, dataset=self.X_train, model_features=self.base_features,feature=b_feature)pdp.pdp_plot(pdp_goals, b_feature)


Fig: Different Shap plots from the dataset ( in order starting from top left in clockwise direction are beeswarm, heatmap, bar and scatter plots.)


Different visualizations from the yellowbrick library.

Why interpretability is and should be an important part of the process?



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